Things I Want from Givenchy SS2012

I got the chance to peek into Givenchy’s Spring Summer 2012 collection when it first arrived at the store in Plaza Indonesia. They were just getting all the stuff out. Fresh collection on bags, accessories, footwear as well as the ready-to-wear. It was fun seeing up close all those items that I’ve only seen in pictures from the runway. There were several things that caught my attention instantly that I definitely want to instil in my wardrobe.

1. I want a waistcoat or vest that looks super chic or tailored to get out of the usual suit or jacket routine.

2. Bold metal accessories that makes a statement, yet at the same time looks solid.

3. Colourful handbag to cheer up my wardrobe.

4. Prints, prints and more  prints! I think this is about the perfect time to instil state of the art prints on your collection.

So do you agree with me on these? Which trend do you think you’ll get this season?