IFW 2012; The Painter Fashion Parade

Sariayu reaffirms its influence of colors through the show titled The Painter Fashion Parade, showcased on the second day of IFW 2012. This show was dedicated by four designers, who assembled Sariayu color palettes into such exquisite design.

Barli took Empowering Women as the theme. With a simple and firm cut, the designer who owns four fashion labels, used some sort of patterns from knitting materials. Through his work, Barli addressed a figure of powerful women in their own course.  Colors used are red, black and gray.

Jeanny Ang represents the dream of a woman, and wrapped it up in a theme of Enchanting  Dreams. The designer, who regularly participates in Hong Kong Fashion Week, brought the charm of night gowns in two different side; mini dress for fun and cheerful women, and long dress for a glamorous and sexy ones. Color palettes for Jeanny Ang are turquoise, marine blue and beige.

Rudy Chandra wore Hanbok, traditional Korean clothes, poured into his artwork. As bright as the theme, Hanbok Dress, Rudy translated it into a modern design, wearable, and allowing mix and match. Yellow and pink color palettes were chosen to this particular line.


While Sofie, with shades of tangerine and salmon, came up with Explosion, apprehended the idea that colors could talk, expressing many things. Playful pattern got in the act, conjuring a beautiful and unexpected collection of light, bubbling, youthful and colorful looks in sweet harmony.


What a bright and refreshing color they are, aren’t they?  I think I’m ready to add more colors into my wardrobe ;)