Today’s Outfit: Coral on Coral

I had so much confidence in Jakarta’s traffic on this particular day, I actually scheduled two things at two different places back to back. One was in Fatmawati for an interview with Sisca Tjong (Cleo Fashion Award Most Talented Designer Winner). The other one was a product launching of L’Oreal Paris Youth Code Pre-Essence in Plaza Senayan. Because of the initial difficulty of finding a taxi and the horrendous traffic, I got late to both appointments!

Moral of the story? Never expect Jakarta’s traffic to be nice to you, especially on Friday afternoon. Always put an appointment 2 hours apart of each other, especially if they’re not closely located.

Anyway, upon reading this article about Tangerine Tango to be one of 2012 most favourite colours, I was so convinced I need to get this coral dress from (X)S.M.L. when they had their annual sale. I think the Tangerine Tango and all the similar colour tones will definitely be my favourite colours from now on because they look very bright and fresh.

Dress: XSML
Shoes: Zara
Bag: Longchamp Planettes
Necklace: (X)S.M.L