Signature & Iconic Pieces of Fashion Designers

Don’t ask us why these pieces are so iconic, because we’re not sure either. But chances are, you have seen some of these (if not all), maybe five years ago or yesterday, in fashion spreads, lifestyle magazine, celebrity snapshots, or maybe even on the street. They can’t seem to go out of style.

We don’t think it’s imperative that you cough up your hard-earned money to buy the actual designer items, but these can be your inspiration the next time you go shopping for timeless pieces.

Chanel Blazer

The unarguably the most visible blazer in the fashion scene, Chanel has gone a long way from the decade (1920’s!) the tweed blazer made popular. Now, Chanel designs a variety of highly-demanded blazers, from the classic tweed box-cut, to many blazer-inspired shape derivations.

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Diane von Furstenberg Wrap Dress

DvF brand is synonymous with its feminine wrap dress, making a debut in 1972. It is versatile and so effortlessly chic. They come in solid colors and geometric prints.

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Missoni Dress

The Missoni dresses are recognizable by the rows of colors that this family-owned brand exhibits. They are feminine, dashing pieces are often figure-forgiving and a great piece to wear.

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Burberry Trench Coat

Hanzky’s personal favorite – this staple item is a must-have for four-seasons country (and for us who live in a place with only dry-and-wet season, perhaps for our trip abroad in the Fall?)

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Hermès Black Box Calf Sellier Kelly

Making its first appearance in the 50’s, a sellier (meaning it has outside-stitching, and thus more rigid) Kelly bag in black box calf leather is still considered as iconic as ever. My personal holy grail, I am saving up to hopefully be able add this to my bag collection someday.

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