Revlon Top Speed: Polish, Get Set, Go!

What’s your favourite nail polish colour? Among others, I really love taupe coloured nail polishes. Despite the very odd colour tone, surprisingly this shade suits almost every skin tone. It looks muted yet it doesn’t look dirty on me, at all! Just recently, I think I’ve just found my favourite taupe nail polish that deserves a HG status among my collection, it’s Revlon Top Speed in Stormy! It has the perfect taupe and slightly muted purplish shade.

Not only that I fell in love instantly with this shade, but I’m actually loving the Revlon Top Speed line very much. Living up to its name ‘Top Speed’ that promises to deliver fast drying nail enamel, it really does exactly just that. I was applying this nail polish while watching TV series, starting from my thumb to pinkie finger. By the time I reached my pinkie finger, the one that I applied on my thumb was already drying, so I got to apply a second coat instantly.

The nail polish actually delivers quite an opaque finish in one application, but I like it to be really opaque that’s why I used two coats. I’ve already bought a top coat along with this nail polish. But it seems that I don’t need top coat with this one because the finish already looks even and shiny without it. Don’t you just love it?

Rizka also got herself a bottle of Revlon Top Speed in Jaded, it might look pale on the bottle, but it’s a really nice pastel green with creamy finish. I might get one of the pastel colours myself next time I visit Revlon counter.

The best thing about Revlon Top Speed is that it costs only Rp 50,000! At last, Revlon finally answer to our need of good quality nail polishes with affordable price. On top of that, it has 32 different colours selections!

I’ve already planned to get myself the Espresso (dark brown) and Black Star (shimmery black) colours next time I visit the Revlon counter. If you’re interested to find out more about Revlon Top Speed you can visit this page on their Facebook Fanpage.

Have you tried this nail polish? What do you think?