Let’s Talk About Vanity Fair’s 2012 Hollywood Issue

And so it has arrived—Vanity Fair’s 2012 Hollywood Issue.

In parallel with the award season, Vanity Fair magazine has launched its annual Hollywood Issue, with a three-page cover, featuring 11 hot new actresses in Hollywood.

The front-and-center cover honors Rooney Mara, Jennifer Lawrence, Jessica Chastain, and Mia Wasikowska.

The second page features Elizabeth Olsen, Adepero Oduye, and Shailene Woodley.

The final page is graced by Paula Patton, Felicity Jones, Lily Collins, and Brit Marling.

The lovely ladies were photographed by Mario Testino, on an 1920s-30s Art Deco set, designed to evoke the all-white, Jazz Age interiors, decorated by the English decorator Syrie Maugham.

Vanity Fair’s fashion and style director, Jessica Diehl, put the 11 cover starlets in pastel satin dresses and frothy feathers to lend a 20s and 30s naughty, boudoir feel. We can also reveal that Rooney, Mia and Shailene are all dressed in Ralph Lauren’s Spring/Summer 2012.

And so I guess this issue made it official. After seeing Marion Cotillard in an embellished headband for her role as a flapper girl in Low Life and Midnight in Paris, as well as Carey Mulligan and Gemma Ward in The Great Gatsby, we can proclaim that 1920s style is definitely going to reign 2012.

So what’s new in this year’s Hollywood Issue? Well, although the look seems too familiar with the 2008 Hollywood Issue, one thing that is significantly different is the presence of not one but two black actresses, who are great contenders in this year’s awards season, thanks to The Help.

Vanity Fair’s Hollywood Issue is always anticipated—who doesn’t like seeing a group shot of big names? However, all in all, this year’s issue feels like it lacks ‘oomph’. It’s probably it’s the washed out color tone, it’s probably the faces that are too fresh to be recognizable, it’s probably the overdone Photoshop, but there’s this strong hunch that it could be more exciting.

Your thoughts?