Heatwave New Store Opens in eX

I’m pretty sure that this is a good news for those who live in Jakarta and happens to like Heatwave Shoes, because they’ve just opened their first store at the heart of the city. If before you can only find it in Mal Taman Anggrek and ITC Mangga Dua, now you can visit their newest store at the Ground Floor of Plaza Indonesia eX. Of course you can easily purchase them online and ask around on our forum for the recommendation of the fit of the shoes that you want to purchase. But it’s always good to be able to visit the store and actually try on the shoes directly don’t you think?

I also saw couple of models hanging around at the store wearing Heatwave shoes. It’s always good to see how the pair of shoes look on an actual person, model nonetheless. I saw a couple of pairs that I actually liked that day. Their newest model includes neon coloured pairs such as fuchsia and electric blue that looks so catchy. There were also a wide array of their comfortable wedges, in case you’re looking for an everyday shoes.

So did I bring home any pair from Heatwave that day? Of course! I had an eye on this flat.

But that was until I saw this pair of neon pink wedges :)