The Hippest Black Party: BLACK AREA by CLEAR

On one fine day, Fashionese Daily got a little black box titled ‘BLACK AREA by CLEAR’ which got us intrigued. Apparently it was an event by CLEAR to introduce its new brand ambassador. The first question that popped into my head was who would that be? Someone like Christiano Ronaldo, who is CLEAR’s international brand ambassador perhaps?

Fast forward a couple of days later, on 9 December 2011 I found myself waiting to enter Tennis Indoor Senayan to see the BLACK AREA by CLEAR in person. The event coincided with the date and place of one of the hippest events in town; Djakarta Warehouse Project. Just my luck! So where better than this event to have BLACK AREA by CLEAR? The place felt like CLEAR had painted the town in black! It made me self-conscious and made me take a second look to my shoulder whether I had any dandruff at all on my black top, LOL! I didn’t want to be denied access to the BLACK AREA by CLEAR just because of that.

With the cozy ambiance of the venue, I bet the girls at the office felt sorry for missing out on this party. I felt so lucky to have been part of this event because I got to see a very nice setting of BLACK AREA by CLEAR which was a blend of futuristic ambiance, digital concept and accompanied by spectacular music. A party fitting to celebrate the success of CLEAR with its Nutrium 10 series product relaunch.

Coming back to the new Clear brand ambassador, who is the new CLEAR brand ambassador? @CLEARIndonesia announced as I was heading to the venue that Agnes Monica is going to be their new brand ambassador. Wasn’t surprising at all as we all know how talented she is and she would make the best figure to represent the brand.

Why Agnes? Agnes’ unique style became a trendsetter and it makes her complete and able to represent all the values that CLEAR tries to bring, which are Style, Breakthrough and Music. Agnes has healthy and dandruff-free hair, and she never stops achieving both national and international recognition. That’s why CLEAR chose her as the new brand ambassador.

At the venue, there was also entertainment by the CLEAR brand ambassadors on stage from Ello, Sherina and last but not least Agnes Monica. They were all energetic and entertaining, gave everyone the perfect mood to celebrate along with CLEAR’s success. I almost forgot, I also got my hair washed with CLEAR shampoo and styled with only Rp 20,000 at the BLACK AREA by CLEAR. So I’ve got a pretty smashing hair to show around. On top of that, I also got 2 free shampoo from the service, pretty cool huh?

What could I say? The perk of working in this industry! You got to be part of something special like this.