Isabel Marant High Top Sneakers: A Trend in 2012?

Every morning before I leave the house, I like to pick the shoes alternately. One day I wear my flat shoes, sometimes I wear wedges, I wear high heels to go for an event and I also wear my sneakers whenever I want. I like wearing several styles of shoes. However, I realize my legs are not that long and slender, that’s why I never bought shoes which height reach my ankle such as ankle boots or high to sneakers. So when I spotted Isabel Marant high top sneakers on some photos of Elle’s street style trend, I applaud how those ladies dare to wear such sneakers. If I were the person who wears this kind of sneakers, my legs would look way shorter, especially because of the padded detail at the front.

Wondering why Isabel Marant high top sneakers become popular on the street, I Googled for more details. Isabel Marant has two types of this high top sneakers, Bekket and Willow. It turned out that the sneakers have hidden wedge heels in them! Isabel Marant Bekket high top sneakers have approximately 5 centimeters or 2 inches hidden wedge heels while Willow’s measures about 7 centimeters or 3.5 inches. Unlike what I imagined before if I wore this sneakers, I think Isabel Marant high top sneakers won’t make me look short since the hidden heels are supposed to give extra height.

So, is it the hidden heels that bring the sneaker to the next level? It could be. And I guess its unique design adds another plus point with the contrast suede and leather details, thick rubber sole and padded ankle.

Isabel Marant Bekket (left photo) and Willow (right)

With no surprise, several famous figures were also spotted wearing these high top sneakers. Alicia Keys wore them to watch a game with her family, Beyonce danced with them on her “Love On Top” video, Anne Hathaway wore them on her way to Catwoman training, while the models Anabela Belikova and Miranda Kerr walked down the street with the same type of sneakers.

Alicia Keys, Beyonce

Anabela Belikova

Anne Hathaway, Miranda Kerr

What do you think about Isabel Marant high top sneakers? Do you think they’re something you’d try wearing?