New Year Look Inspiration: Sultry Smokey Metallic

Want to look different but somehow you don’t have the heart to pull off that complete smokey eye look because it’s too stark? Why don’t you try the softer side of metallic silver for your party. Metallic will immediately draw the focus to your eyes and it will definitely suit your new year’s eve party look.

Pick up cream eyeshadow instead of powder to allow ease of application. We recommend MAC Glitter and Ice Paint Pot in For Effect or Shiseido Shimmering Eye Colour in Tin up to your crease. Then blend upward lightly and blend it with your eyeshadow highlighter colour that you will place below your brow bone area up to your crease. To finish off the look apply a white pearl or shimmering finish eyeshadow on the inner corner of your eyes to make your eyes pop. To make the look softer, draw a tight lined eyeliner instead of a straight eyeliner on top of your eye lashes and just a little bit of mascara to hold your curl.

Opt for a soft shimmer highlighter on your cheeks and pat a little bit of shimmery glosses on your lips and you’re ready to party!