Watching The Final Night of 2011 Wajah Femina

After following some activities that the finalists of 2011 Wajah Femina during their quarantine, finally there came the final moment where the contest announced this year’s winner. It must be hard for the judges to choose the winner since I witnessed that all finalists seemed to stand out in their own way.

The finalists during photo session as one of the activities of the quarantine.

On Thursday, December 15, 2011, final night of 2011 Wajah Femina was held at the ballroom of Djakarta Theater, announcing the winners for this year. Best Acting, Best Presenting and Best Catwalk categories were added to this year special categories.

“In the recent years, Femina have seen that the alumni of Wajah Femina generally posses multi-talent outside modeling. ThenNumber of the alumni who succeeded in pursuing their career in acting and presenting is increasing. Besides, some alumni now became teacher, journalist, movie director and even writer. That’s why this year we present three new categories of winners,” explained Petty S. Fatimah, editor in chief and COO of Femina magazine. She’s also head of judge for 2011 Wajah Femina. Her statement, clearly depicted 2011 Wajah Femina’s theme: “The Star is you, Temukan Bintang Dalam Dirimu”. The contest aimed to explore all the potential talents that the finalists have to be the stars.

How can people register to be chosen as finalist? Femina held a roadshow actively in various malls and universities in Indonesia. In addition, this year they also opened online registration at which rake 70% of the total number of participants. This year’s the number of registration increased by 200% compared to last year, totaling to 2,567 people who registered, from February to August 31, 2011..

After going through the selection process by internal judges from Femina through the main photo selection, photo session and interviews, 20 finalists were selected as the finalists. The main judges consist of Petty S. Fatimah, Jatu Anggraini (Managing Editor Fashion and Beauty Femina), Dennie Ramon (photographer of Femina group), Ira Duaty (1st winner of 1987 Wajah Femina/ lecturer F & G Modelling), Nyoman Triwahyuni / Koming (1st winner of 1993 Wajah Femina/ model), Erwin Parengkuan (presenter) and Teuku Wisnu (actor).

I enjoyed watching final night of 2011 Wajah Femina not only because it was my first time watching such contest live, but it’s also because the MCs, Indra Herlambang and Nadya Mulya (2nd winner of 2011 Wajah Femina/ presenter) were entertaining and smart. I couldn’t stop laughing when Indra Herlambang created funny joke as he gave challenges to the finalists. The entertainer that night, Raisa and Anugrah Aditya who sang and liven up the event were equally entertaining.

At the end of the event, there came the moment everyone had been waiting for, the eight winners of 2011 Wajah Femina were announced. They are:

  • 1st Winner: Amila Tamadita (21, Jakarta)
  • 2nd Winner: Raisa Adila (19, Jakarta)
  • 3rd Winner: Dyah Chandra Astari (25, Jakarta)
  • National Costume Winner: Melia Octavia Santoso (23, Semarang)
  • Femina‘s Readers’ Most Favorite Winner: Ayu Lestari Putri Gani (20, Solo)
  • Winner of Special Category, Best Acting: Jeny Natalia Setiawan (23, Bandung)
  • Winner of Special Category, Best Presenting: Cynthia Amanda Silaban (20, Medan)
  • Winner of Special Category, Best Catwalk: Alfa Dian Puspa Arini (21, Jakarta)

After the announcement, Amila Tamadita said to the press that she felt so surprised when she heard her name being announced as the winner that she couldn’t move for a moment. Amila, the student of graphic design faculty of Bina Nusantara University is now on the 7th semester of her study and she is determined to graduate with the highest grade. She loves to experience new things so she registered for Wajah Femina. She also confessed that she had joined Gadis Sampul before but she didn’t win. Apparently, it’s a delayed success proven at 2011 Wajah Femina. Congratulations, Amila!