Style Inspiration: Hijab Style, Hijabers Beyond Inspiration

What do you fancy more than to find something beyond your expectation? Hijab Style to some extent, belongs in this category. Try browsing for a content,  you’ll get trapped and tempted to click more. With its exceptionally rich and stimulating contents, you’ll be surprised to find out that a 21 year old Jana Kossaibati, a student from UK is behind this sophisticated blog.

Being hijab wearer since many years ago, Jana started this blog with quite the same reason as other muslim fashion bloggers. To find suitable clothing, which is modest yet stylish and reasonably priced. So this blog was created with the intention of providing an indispensable resource for style-conscious muslimah in the UK, and surprisingly, it is now probably the most viewed hijab blog around the world. I found this substantial quote from her.

Wearing hijab is about more than throwing on a headscarf. It means committing to a broader dress code – for me clothing needs to cover everything but the hands and face, and be loose enough to hide my body shape.”

What you will find? Outfit inspirations for literally ANY occasion, from evening wear to holiday getaway, from glamourous look to easy casual. The mix and match, detailed information about the products including where you can buy the items. High street finds, designer reviews, and runway fashion. Famous faces, mostly muslimah around the world. And of course, ‘how to’ guide and hijab tutorial.

What I love most, this blog is very attractive, yet conventional with plenty of photos and images in a very well executed manner. In short, it’s everyday splurge. And, what about you, what do you like most from Hijab Style?