Mess Free Mineral Powder from Clinique

Are you a fan of mineral makeup but despise the fact that most of the good mineral makeup brands out there aren’t available in Indonesia and it’s only available through direct International shipping from the brand’s website or pre-order? It’s good news that many of the larger beauty brand have take upon the popularity of mineral makeup and developed a product line using mineral.

One of the newest ones that I’ve tried recently is the Clinique Superbalanced Powder Makeup SP15. I have always loved Clinique’s blended face powder, in fact it was one of the first loose powders that I’ve used. It was one of the first powders that contains minerals and it’s created in the very same year that Clinique launched. Naturally, it made Clinique as one the first brands to use minerals in their makeup.

What’s the best thing about Clinique Superbalanced Powder Makeup SPF15? It’s packed in a round loose powder packaging and instead of the usual loose powder form of mineral makeup, this powder comes in a compressed powder. It has a grinder at the top of the tub that will shave the compressed powder into a loose powder when you turn packaging in a clockwise motion. It’s a mess free mineral makeup powder! My only reservation about bringing mineral makeup powder is because the powder is so fine and the loose form is very messy. So when I open up the packaging is just completely messy with powder flying all around me. And did I hear someone said ‘Swirl, Tap and Buff’ at the very mentioning of mineral makeup? Oh, you don’t need to do that anymore because ‘shaving’ your own powder means that you can release a loose powder from the packaging just as much as what you would need. So you can just buff it to your face right away.

Without a doubt, mineral makeup would be the perfect choice for a sensitive skin and for those currently experiencing some troubles with their skin. But what draws people the most to mineral makeup powder is because they feels moisturizing and gives a dewy and healthy glow complexion finish to the face. That, you’ll also get it from the Clinique Superbalanced Powder Makeup SPF15.

Enriched with Vitamins C and E to protect the skin from environmental aggressors and free radical damage, it’s certainly more than just a powder. It also contains broad spectrum SPF15 sun protection with 3:1 UVB/UVA protection.

The price? Rp 425,000.

So tell us, what’s your favourite mineral makeup powder?