5 Things You Need To Know About Wedding Organizer

Remember our articles about beauty lesson we learned at last year’s Martha Tilaar Beautifying Indonesia Conference? Unlike last year’s event that was held in Jakarta Convention Center, Martha Tilaar Beautifying Indonesia Conference 2011 was held in Grand Preanger Hotel, Bandung from October 7-8, 2011. Fashionese Daily was invited and I was excited to come. Together with other beauty writers and reporters from Jakarta, we arrived at Beautifying Conference on Saturday to join the press conference and we got two hours to join the seminar.

The seminar I entered was How To Become Professional Wedding Organizer by Diany Pranata Chandra, editor in chief of Belladona magazine, director of wedding organizer and wedding-organizer school Belladona Institute. Wedding organizer is basically the professional who is responsible to organize, coordinate and help the couple to deliver a successful and memorable wedding event. Even though I’m not planning to be a wedding organizer, I found this seminar interesting. It’s because I also learned some points which might be useful for people who are planning to get married and need to hire wedding organizer. After paying attention to the seminar, here are some points I summarized that we need to know about wedding organizer.

  1. First of all, if the couple who will marry are both working, it is hardly possible for them to organize the wedding themselves. If they do, they will be tired and they won’t enjoy their wedding.
  2. Both clients and wedding organizers must understand all the jobs that wedding organizer would do. It’s also important to write all the jobs descriptions in a signed contract.
  3. Wedding organizers cannot replace the role of family membesr. There are still some parts in a wedding that need to be done by family member, for example the treasurer of angpao. On the other hand, wedding organizer cannot be replaced with a family member. Wedding organizers are professional people while family members are usually emotionally attached to the events.
  4. Unlike wedding organizers in other countries that set the rate by percentage of total wedding expenditure, wedding organizers in Indonesia usually set fixed rate.
  5. Last but not least, criteria of a good wedding organizer are: having broad network related to wedding, the ability to empathize to the couple, organized, able to give good suggestions but maintain to be objective in giving suggestion or opinion, able to keep secret of the client, having basic knowledge of wedding and respect the client’s choices.

Any experience with wedding organizer you would like to share?