Visiting Brightspot Market Last Night

As we have informed before in our Agenda section, Brightspot Market is back, taking place at Plaza Senayan 5th floor (former Bowling Alley space), November 24-27, 2011. Last night, me and some other Female Daily girls made a visit to the opening night of this “curated market of all things cool”.

This 7th edition of Brightspot Market does have the most spacious and biggest installment. According to the description, it’s 3,500 square meters of space or two times larger than the last Brightspot Market and it has more than 130 booths. It means that there are a lot of new labels participating in this event. Alongside previous tenants covering Indonesia’s young and creative labels and international streetwear brands, I also saw some labels which are the second line of Indonesian established designers such as Ari Seputra, Ghea Kids by Ghea Panggabean and Happa by Mel Ahyar.

You can find almost anything here, ranging from women’s wear, men’s clothing, kids’ fashion, shoes, jeans, bags, accessories, food and don’t forget about the discounted items. So no wonder a large number of people come to this event. Although last night’s Brightspot Market opening was “invitation only”, the event was really crowded. Unfortunately, the aircon didn’t seem to be working last night, so it was incredibly hot in there. After experiencing Brightspot frenzy last night, I have a few tips for you who plan to visit:

  • Since there are so many tenants there, make sure you don’t miss the booths of your favorite brand. It’s better to walk around the whole area before you decide to stop. That way you’ll be able allocate your spending wisely.
  • There are some cashiers in Brightspot Market, which some of them are more crowded than the rest. Choose the cashier that’s located a bit hidden or in the corner of the area because usually they have less people queuing.
  • Or, if you want to pay in the individual booth, bring lots of cash because most of them don’t take credit or debit card.
  • Dress comfortably because it’s kinda steamy in Brightspot Market area.

Is there any other tips I forget? Feel free to share yours through the comment box.

Meanwhile, among tons of cool stuffs in Brightspot Market, I found some interesting items available in Brightspot Market such as:

Isis black open shoulder blazer (Rp 900,000)

Paper Dolls draped skirt (Rp 380,000)


Se rainbow colored dress (Rp 500,000)

Besides those items above, Brightspot Market has many other attractive items waiting to be found. So, have you visited this recent Brightspot Market? What do you love the most from the market?