JFW 2012 Day 6: LPM, Where New Talents of Fashion Designs Are Blooming

Do you want to see what Indonesia has in term of new fashion design talents? If you do, you’d better continue reading this article because Lomba Perancang Mode (LPM) or fashion design competition showed us 10 best new fashion designers in LPM Final Show on the fifth day of Jakarta Fashion Week 2012.

As a lifestyle publishing company, Femina Group try to accommodate new promising talents in fashion design and give recognition to them. Therefore each year they constantly holds alternately between Lomba Perancang Aksesori (LPA) and LPM. This Jakarta  Fashion Week 2012, LPM was held for the 24th time. This competition aims to seek for new promising fashion designers of Indonesia.

This year’s LPM themed “East and West Synergy” in which the contestants were challenged to combine local culture with modernity feel into their designs, as explained Hannie Kusuma, chief coordinator of 2011 LPM. There were 296 sketches received by LPM committee this year, most of them were sent by students of fashion school. Some have studied in Jakarta, Singapore and even Fashion Schools in Milan.

Some of the judges of 2011 LPM are LPM alumni themselves, they are Priyo Oktaviano and Musa Widyatmodjo. Beside them, there are also Syahmedi Dean pop culture observer, Ninuk M Pambudi Senior Journalist of Kompas daily, Atiqah Hasiholan the actress and Petty S Fatimah Chief Editor of Femina magazine. Together they judge the designs according to their creativity, wearability, marketability and price the designer set for the collection.

After several steps of judging and selection process, 10 names came out as the finalists and present their collection in LPM Final Show. Here are some of the collection from the finalists:

Delly Andriani, Popo Rickky

Iwan Amir, Albert Ferdi


And here are the winners:

Sherly Monica, 22 years old, from Jakarta with her collection “Orient Romanticism” wins as Favorite Winner and gets Rp 7,500,000.


Erliana Sumali, 20 years old, from Jakarta with her collection “Variation Unit” wins Special Category From Mazda and gets Rp 7,500,000.


3rd Winner: Cynthia Tan, 20 years old, from Jakarta with her collection “Relaxed Sensation” inspired by the heritage of East Nusa Tenggara. She used ikat ayutopas as the fabric which production is very traditional then she transformed it into ready to wear pieces for Spring/Summer 2012. Cynthia gets Rp 12,500,000 as the prize.


2nd Winner: Friederich Herman, 25 years old, from Malang, East Java with his collection “Perspective” gets Rp 17,500,000 as the prize. In his collection, Friederich applied sibori or old traditional tie dye technique and turned the garment into masculine yet edgy attires.


1st Winner: Lulu Lutfi Labibi, 29 years old, from Yogyakarta with his collection “Local Glory” that combines various traditional textile such as contemporary batik, Yogyakarta lurik, Klaten goyor and Jepara tie dye ikat. He created a collection adorned with draping technique that looks both gorgeous and modern. Therefore he won the first winner prizes which is US$ 4,000 and three-month scholarship in Los Angeles’ Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. Congratulations!