Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9; My Workstation on the Go

The good thing about working in the media is that, you say you like one thing, next thing you know they already sent it to your desk to try.

One of the latest gadgets on my list is the new Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9. I’m so thrilled to have this ubercool gadget because I can bring it everywhere with me, despite of my full schedule which required me to go from one place to another. A week ago I had a crazy hectic day which almost left me breathless, but my Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 came really handy and saved the day.

Want to know where I took my Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9?


I came a little bit early and the event hadn’t started yet. Coming early to a press event means that you actually come on time. Usually these events only started an hour or even more from the designated time. Since the invitation was quite early and it was all the way in Menteng, I thought it would be wise to go straight to the event’s venue.

No one came yet, so I took my Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 from my bag and caught up with some work first using the wifi connection at the venue. At 465 gr light, this really weighed next to nothing compared to my huge makeup bag that probably holds more than five lipsticks at any given time. I made sure morning article was published, checking all urgent emails and Tweeting the morning away from @fashionesedaily.

I also like to catch up with the latest news from the fashion and beauty industry. It’s an easy task because I can download various fashion and beauty related apps from the Android Market. Beauty Product Review by Total Beauty is one of my favourite apps because I can read the latest beauty products being raved about by beauty bloggers. Another app that I like to check regularly in the morning is Elle Canada. But my biggest guilty pleasure is browsing through the apps of various high street fashion brands while putting things on my imaginary shopping list. Some of the apps that I open very often are Mango, Zara, ASOS, H&M, Zappos, Payless Shoe Source just to name a few.

As soon as the event started, I flipped through the application on Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 and simply noted down all the important points from the talkshow so I wouldn’t forget what I wanted to write on my article later on.


I prayed that the traffic would be nicer to us that day. We had to go all the way to Kemang from Menteng, and cut through the hectic Kuningan. Or so I thought. Apparently Kuningan during lunch time wasn’t as busy as I thought earlier. But spending an hour in traffic could be quite boring without doing anything. So I took the earphone out and plugged it into the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 to entertain myself with some music. I’m always in love with just how amazing the sound quality of Samsung gadgets are. I also downloaded couple of games onto it already, so an hour seemed like only couple of minutes away if you had something to do. I got time to practice my Angry Birds moves because my five year-old daughter is always a couple of level ahead of me. It’s really not about the game, but it’s about pride :)


If anyone asks us for a meeting venue, we try as much as possible to ask them to go to Kemang and somewhere within walking distance from our office. Lucky for us, they agreed to meet us at a coffee shop just downstairs from our office. Armed with Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 and a presentation set prepared by Vanya, I could say the meeting went quite well.

I love how the white casing of Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 just went so well with the dress I picked that day. It was light and the size was just right for me to hold. At only 157,8 (H) x 230,9 (W) it was really not too big to hold it with one hand.

Anyway, we agreed on one thing, that is the date for the next meeting

I had another event to attend after this meeting. So I spent the whole afternoon trying to finish up my work on my cubicle. But not forgetting to sync the document that I’ve edited from the morning event and the meeting to my notebook.


We closed the day with a fashion show event in the evening lots of canapés and cocktails and the beautifully dressed guests.

Thanks to the limited bundling package between Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 and XL I can always be connected to the internet even when the venue doesn’t have wifi connection. It’s really important to always be connected for me because we use to do live tweet especially in an event that is related to fashion or beauty. With the bundling offer, I have many benefit including free unlimited data for three months, free international roaming in ten country and Galaxy Data Plan at only Rp 49,000/month simply by activating it through *123#.