JFW 2012 Day 3: Beautifully Painted by Agnes Budhisurya

“When I’m feast with His creations, I took on a piece of fabric and devour the creation of The Creator through brush strokes. Drops of paint fell through its fibers, penetrating, blending in a mixture of contrasting soft colors. In light and in shade, in dark and in vague, the harmony tells a tale of the richness in Indonesia.

When I admire the crafts of hand-woven and batik artists, I wanted to stroke it through paint. An idea to cross their crafts and mine enters my mind. Let’s unite hand-woven and batik art. Let’s show our creation to the world”

Agnes Budhisurya

Agnes Budhisurya, a designer who loves to decorate her collection with painting, again participated in Jakarta Fashion Week. Unlike last year’s fashion week where Agnes shared the stage with other designers from APPMI (Asosiasi Perancang Pengusaha Mode Indonesia), this time Agnes had her own spot. As she stated in the quotation above, this collection was inspired by Indonesian floral, also hand-woven and batik art.

She embraced the form of Monstera leaves originating from Papua. This leaf has a unique shape where the stem leaves, growing in layers with dangling branches. Not to forget, Agnes also draws Bougainville flowers that is rich in color, and Helioconia flowers that have sturdy stems but have contrasting colors. All forms of floral were drawn directly through the paint on silk chiffon fabric. Since the fabrics were flowy, the collection appeared light but had a high aesthetic value. All those pretty paintings were transformed into cocktail dresses and evening gowns in 90’s style that has become Agnes Budhisurya’s signature.

Indonesian traditional motif turns painting in Agnes Budhisurya’s creations above.

Floral inspired pieces