JFW 2012 Day 2: Wearable Batik By 3 Indonesian Designers For Danar Hadi

A fashion show from Danar Hadi was the last show on the second day of Jakarta Fashion Week 2012. Since I’ve been in JFW area since afternoon, I didn’t prioritize to watch the last show to be honest. I just wanted to have a quick look on Danar Hadi fashion show. I even entered the fashion tent a bit late.

By the time I saw the fashion show, I saw bright, colorful and casual batik outfit by Tri Handoko for Danar Hadi. He showed us that batik can create a delicate color blocking as well. Fuchsia, orange, green, purple, yellow, you can find it all in the collection. What I like the most from this collection is the dresses. They look really cute yet delicate in simple design. It turned out that Tri Handoko for Danar Hadi is a sportswear range in Danar Hadi under the label of Danar Hadi Sports. After Tri Handoko’s collection, the show continued by Hutama Adhi’s designs. Compared to previous designer, Hutama Adhi infused a touch of elegance into the collection. The motif he used is inspired by Chinese porcelain and he applied it onto flowing fabrics. The last collection was by Oscar Lawalata for Danar Hadi. In creating this collection, Oscar used moulage technique in which the designer created the attire without cutting nor sewing it.

As you in the pictures below, almost all pieces in the show are screaming out to be bought, aren’t they? A representative from Danar Hadi told to the press that all those pieces are priced between Rp 200,000 – Rp 2 million in all Danar Hadi outlets. So, are you going to get any?

Hutama Adhi

Oscar Lawalata

Tri Handoko