JFW 2012 Day 2: Celebrating Celebrities Turned Designers

There’s more to being a designer than just a great taste and style. What are your stands on the popular tendency for celebrities who suddenly became designer? Do you think they’ve got what it takes? If you have one celebrity designer name that you love, please do spill.

But at the Grazia Glitz and Glam show on the second day of JFW 2012 there are six labels parading their latest collection and one thing these labels have in common is that their designers are celebrities. The strongest suit of celebrities designer collection is their own personal style. Most likely their design will reflect the celebrity’s signature style. It gets easier for the customer to determine whether you will like the collection or not judging by the celebrity’s style themselves. But is it enough? You’ll be the judge of that.

1. Flirt by Indah Kalalo and Fabiola

2. Ussy by Ussy Sulistiawaty and Andhika Pratama

3. Bohemian Treasure by Claudia Hidayat

4. Tesoro by Tia Ivanka and Tiara Lestari

5. Just a Girl by Rossa

6. Dimas Beck and Melly Goeslaw