Heidi Klum: Queen of Halloween

Happy Halloween! For those of you who care or not.

Okay, Indonesians don’t exactly do Halloween, but I actually love it. I would anxiously browse my horror DVDs collection, rewatch some cult classics, and browse the Internet to check out the Halloween festivities in celebrating countries. Sometimes a friend would even ask me to go trick-or-treating at certain neighborhoods in Jakarta, or go to costume parties. Fun! And one of the many amazing things I anticipate on Halloween is…

Heidi Klum‘s Halloween costumes.

The German supermodel is one of Hollywood’s biggest Halloween fans. To show her dedication, every year she holds her annual Halloween bash. And every year also, she challenges herself to dress up crazier, even more over-the-top costumes. I can’t tell you how much I adore her costumes every year, since in Hollywood, it’s rare to see a hot female celebrity who wears something truly spooky—not sexy and skanky—for Halloween.

So, over the years, Heidi has transformed herself into so many awesome characters—from Lady Godiva to Lady Vampire—it becomes hard to decide on favorites. Nevertheless, here’s a countdown of my personal Heidi Klum’s Top 5 Halloween Costumes:

#5: 2007 – Black Cat

For 2007, Heidi Klum dressed up as lifelike black cat. A sexy black cat, if I may add, as the costume flaunted the ex-Victoria Angel’s gorgeous curves. Not only were her costumes amazing, but her makeup was perfect too—check out the glitter around her eyes and the dirt all over her face. And, as always, Heidi put attention in details such as those red and yellow contact lenses and a kitty collar with writings, “If lost, please return to Seal.”

#42009 – Raven

Inspired by Edgar Allan Poe’s famous piece, Heidi Klum turned her husband and herself into eerie, realistic ravens in 2009. Her raven interpretation was created out of a coat made of black feathers, fishnet tights and thigh-high black suede boots. To complete the look, the couple painted their face black and donned large beak face masks.

#32006 – The Forbidden Fruit

How can you get anymore creative than this? Moms-to-be, take note. Being 8-months pregnant doesn’t mean you can’t dress up in an epic costume. Heidi Klum concealed her belly beneath a big apple, as she dressed up as the Forbidden Fruit for 2006’s Halloween. Husband Seal completed her getup by dressing up as Eve, creating the Original Sin depiction. God bless their sense of humor :D

#22010 – Robot Superhero

For her 2010’s costume, Heidi brought her getup up to another level. Literally. She  appeared as an 8-feet tall robotic superhero in a skin-tight, red-and-purple armor, designed by Martin Izquierdo, who also designed the famous Victoria’s Secret angel wings. This time, Seal accompanied her as a silver fellow superhero. Because of the extreme size of the costume, extreme measures also had to be taken in finding the right location for the Halloween party. Doorway heights had to be measured and space interiors checked to make sure her costume would fit through and that she could move around comfortably inside. That’s what I call dedication to passion.

#12008 – Kali

Now this is what I call the ultimate Halloween costume.

In the previous year, Heidi went to India with Seal, which gave an idea to her secretary. “She said, ‘Why don’t you do an Indian goddess? Like a scary Indian goddess?’ And I said, ‘OK’,” Klum was quoted saying. She discovered the fearsome goddess Kali and decided to be the deity, while her husband dressed up as Angulimaal—an Indian mythical character who used to chop off people’s fingers and wear them as a necklace.

The costume created controversy as some Hindus were offended by this and demanded an apology, but others tolerated it well.

Nevertheless, this costume is all sorts of amazing with incredible details and, true to the spirit of Halloween, very frightening. Don’t miss the shrunken heads on Heidi’s neck, chopped arms on her waist, and her sharp fangs!

This year Heidi is hosting not one but two Halloween bashes, with one in Las Vegas and the other in New York. Two parties means two costumes, which are… a mutant bat-boy / monkey boy? And a see-through lady? A model from the ‘Bodies’ cadaver exhibition? I’m still guessing, really.

Whatever she’s going to be, I know it’s gonna be spectacular!

Update: yep, she’s a dead body!