Daily Makeup Tips by MAC Senior Artist, Nicole Thompson

My interest in makeup has been growing ever since I joined Fashionese Daily Kelas Dandan. So when I was offered to come to MAC Workshop last week, I quickly said yes! As I expected, the time I spent at MAC Workshop was truly fruitful. Nicole Thompson, MAC Senior Artist from Australia, who demonstrate her makeup technique at the workshop shared tons of interesting tips and trick, keeping my hands busy taking note.

She chose a model among the audience and that woman has a typical Indonesian facial feature, making it easy for people with similar feature to copy the tips or the decorative shade. Before conducting each step or applying some product, she always explained to the audience how to do it well. Keep reading as I will share you what I learned from Nicole. What Nicole demonstrated was practical daily makeup that could be easily transformed as an evening makeup.


  • Don’t forget to use moisturizer, continue with primer as the basic step. (If you’re one of FD Kelas Dandan alumni, you must be familiar with this advice ;) ).
  • Match your foundation shade with your skin tone below the neck area to look get the most natural tone.
  • If you want your skin to look dewy, spray a little water (Nicole used MAC Charged Water) after applying foundation.
  • Use MAC Studio Fix Concealer to cover skin imperfection such as scar, pigmentation or even tattoo.
  • Especially in under eye area, don’t apply too much concealer or it will get worse instead of being concealed.
  • Let your foundation get absorbed while you’re putting on eye and lip makeup. Afterwards, you may put face powder.
  • To make the model’s face looking glowy, Nicole chose MAC Mineralize Skin Finish after the foundation is absorbed.
  • If you want your skin to look lighter, use face powder instead of applying thick foundation to your skin.
  • Don’t use highlighter in your under eye are because it will emphasize your wrinkle.


  • Start your eye makeup by defining your eyebrows.
  • Use angled brush to color your brow, start from the bottom of the brow and brush up to look natural.
  • When applying eyeshadow, do it with tapping movement instead of swiping so there won’t be any fallout.
  • If you want to clean the fallout under your eyes, mist your foundation brush with MAC Charged Water to wipe away the fallout. Don’t use makeup remover because it will erase your makeup base also.
  • If you want the color to appear stronger, mist your eyeshadow brush with water.
  • Don’t blend the eyeshadow too hard or the color will disappear.
  • If you apply too much eyeshadow and the edge of the shadow becomes too high, blend it with highlighter to lower the edge.
  • Stand back from your mirror. Don’t sit too close from it so you won’t be surprised with the total look of your makeup.
  • In lining your eyes, make sure that the upper and bottom lines are joined in the outer corner of the eye.
  • Apply your mascara in zigzag motion several times at the bottom of your lashes to make it look thick. If you only move it upward, it means nothing.


  • Apply a little bit of foundation around your lips so the color will be more shown, especially for for nude-colored lipstick.
  • Choose a lipgloss that has similar color to the lipstick you wear. As example, Nicole applied MAC Kinda Sexy lipstick and Lust lipgloss to the model.
  • If you don’t want your lips to feel sticky because of wearing lipgloss, you can just put the lipgloss in the center of your lips.


  • To contour  model’s jaw line, use Mineralize Skinfinish Natural that is a tone darker than your skin. In the demonstration, Nicole used medium dark for the model.
  • Don’t bring the shading more than eye area
  • If you have very dark skin, you can use brown eyeshadow. What’s important is using soft and fluffy brush.

The final look for day time makeup

Aren’t those tips that Nicole shared very useful and practical?

Actually, Nicole also shared to us how to transform a daytime makeup into more night-appropriate makeup. But since, the tips above have made such a long list, I’ll write it into a different article. So stay tuned if you want to learn the tips on day to night makeup transition.