Wearing Pink Hijab; A Support for Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign

As we all know it, October is the Breast Cancer Awareness (BCA) month. The main purpose of it is to promote self and public awareness about preventing and detecting breast cancer, and also to raise donation toward breast cancer organization. A pink ribbon along with the color of pink are often associated as a symbol of BCA.

Pink Hijab Day,  a global campaign started in Missouri US, encourage all hijabers around the world to wear a pink hijab, on a preset date in October. For this year, it is set for October 26th 2011. The purposes of Pink Hijab Day, as stated in their website are:

  1. To encourage those who are curious about Muslim women and about hijab to ask Muslim women about what their hijab means
  2. To encourage Muslim women to participate in various community improvement projects because we are a valuable part of the fabric of the societies we live in. One of these projects is the effort to find a cure for breast cancer
  3. To raise funds for cancer research, and to encourage all people to maintain their health by getting regular screenings and to increase knowledge about preventative methods.

It is emphasized that  \this is not a fashion statement, but a symbolic pledge to take the action.Wearing pink hijab can also be done as a  dress code for the whole October during BCA month, not only on the preset date. Hijabers participation in a pink hijab day can be seen as a way to enrich their knowledge and awareness about breast cancer.

Coinciding with this year’s Pink Hijab Day, we asked our forum members to wear pink hijab on the appointed date, and then take a picture and post it in this thread, along with some short stories, information and facts about breast cancer.


FD members in Pink Hijab, 26th October 2011

With such a little but continued reminder about detection, prevention, treatment, stories and experiences about breast cancer, hopefully we can reduce the risk and ultimately, the number of breast cancer case will decrease steadily.

Thank you everyone who have participated in this year’s Pink Hijab Day. So did you do anything special for this year’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month?