Preventing and Treating Grey Hair

I believe many people are not so happy with grey hair.  Grey hair emphasizes the sign of aging and it’s hard to pull off this look. Even the youngsters won’t look as cool as Rogue character of X-Men that looks nice with her grey-highlighted hair. Now grey hair might appear in anyone’s head regardless of their age.  Back to the time when I was still in high school, I saw a senior who had a lot of grey hair. It’s kinda unusual to see students donning high-school uniform and already got grey hair. I thought that he was too smart or thought a lot which caused the premature grey hair. But then I found out that my assumption was wrong.

During the launch of Garnier Color Naturals on Oct. 4, 2011, it was explained that premature grey hair is getting more common to be found in people below 50 year-old because of genetic factor, unhealthy lifestyle and stress. During the event, Dr. Farmanina Santoso a dermatologist said that basically grey hair is a natural process that causes the decreasing of melanin pigment level. A research from Usage and Attitude Urban Indonesia reveals that in 2008, about 43% woman and 46% men in Indonesia of 25-50 year old already have grey hair. Among those respondents who have grey hair, 62% of them were afraid that grey hair would ruin their look. Anyway, before that statistic number gets more complicated, I think it’s better for us too take action in preventing or treating the grey hair.

We can’t avoid the genetic factor if it is the main reason of our grey hair, but at least we can prevent it by keeping up healthy lifestyle. Exercising regularly, eating healthy food and avoiding stress as part of healthy lifestyle may not sound easy, but those actions will not only prevent grey hair but also slow down the aging process.

For those who feel okay with grey hair (which I’m sure not many), you can just let the grey hair grow and never pull it out. But for those who like to pull out your grey hair, watch out! Pulling out grey hair won’t stop the hair from coming. In fact, it will cause harm to your scalp. The worst case is the area you often pulling out will get bald. If you feel uncomfortable with your grey hair, the only solution is to color it, as long as the coloring product you use is safe and nourishing.

If you’re looking for hair color product pecifically released to cover grey hair, you can try Garnier Color Naturals. Enriched with olive oil, Garnier Color Naturals promises to nourish the hair and cover grey hair perfectly. It also promises to give long-lasting color and shine. Available in 5 natural colors: Black, Dark Brown, Burgundy, Brown and Light Brown, the product costs Rp. 30,000 which is very affordable.

Now it’s your turn to share with us, do you experience any problem with grey hair? How do you usually treat it?