Today’s Outfit: London Calling Part 1

I was in London last week for the British Council Young Creative Entrepreneur Media Awards and it was definitely one of the best experiences I have had. Not only did I get to stay in the charming capital city of UK for 10 days, I also met and spent a lot of time with other winners of YCE from all over the world! These people were funny, smart and were really a pleasure to be around (we did spend the entire week walking from one place to another, all 15 of us!) and I feel truly privileged to have made so many friends in such a short time.

Anyways, I will write more about my experience and the places I visited during the whole trip. As it turned out, the whole YCE tour was quite packed, the meetings and masterclasses were scheduled from morning till about 5-6 PM and usually followed by group dinner. We enjoyed each others’ company so much that even when no dinner was scheduled by the British Council, we ended up getting together for dinner anyway :) So there wasn’t much time for me to explore the city as a tourist, though I did get to go around to many different places while visiting various offices in London.

This picture was taken on our third day there. There was a 2 hour break before group dinner so my friend Joe and I decided to take a stroll along the Thames river. We walked past London Eye, London Film Museum, crossed the river towards Big Ben, Westminster Abbey and the Parliament House.

When I got to London for the first time, the weather was nice. Most days it was sunny with cool breeze. But that didn’t last very long of course. Gradually it became colder and colder. On the day these photos were taken, I experienced the famous London drizzle for the very first time. But as someone who came from a country with heavy rain and thunderstorms a couple of months every year,  I’d have to say I barely felt it :D

There was a nice little park right behind the Parliament House and I couldn’t resist asking Joe to take a TO picture for me. Of course, I had to touch up first. Wardah Cosmetics was kind enough to give loads of great products to take with me for my trip and I was hooked on their Wonder Shine lipgloss and black pencil liner.

  • Unbranded red leather jacket
  • Unbranded scarf
  • Ben Folds Way to Normal t-shirt
  • Zara skirt
  • Primark tights
  • Laspina Shoes
  • Ciciero Vicky Flap bag in Brown