Product Of The Week: Wardah Blush On C

Recently many new beauty stuffs arrived at Female Daily office including some makeup products from Wardah. When I looked into the package that Wardah sent, the one I’m interested to try was Wardah Blush On C. Wardah cosmetic has gained good review from Fashionese Daily, especially its Exclusive Lipstick. That’s why I wanted to try the product that has never been reviewed before like the blush on.

With this single blush, you can have two color which is rosy pink and peach. As I tried the blush, I found that Wardah Blush On C delivers quite pigmented color in single stroke. Despite of the bold pink that is seen from the packaging, the pink turns soft when I applied it on my skin. I don’t have to apply it anymore otherwise it will look too much. Use this rosy pink color if you’re wearing cold-tone make up such as with grey or blue eyeshadow. While the other color looks peachy pink on my skin. This color will be a great match for your warm-tone makeup. Both colors look matte on my skin, but if I see it more closely to the mirror, I found this blush is slightly shimmery. I browse Wardah website and I found that this blush is not the only color that Wardah has. Actually this blush comes in 4 optional colors. But I guess this one is the most versatile among all.

Wardah Blush On comes in handy size so I think this is a perfect blush to be carried on your daily makeup case. Moreover, you don’t have to bring two different blushes if you need to complete either your warm or cool tone makeup. Another good thing about our local product, the price is affordable which is Rp 32,000.

Has anyone of you tried this product? What do you think about Wardah Blush On?