Inspiring Female Role Models at Woman On Top Award

Do you remember about an article I wrote last December about Woman On Top Award from Mazda and Mango collaboration? When I just knew about the contest, I was so curious to find out who would be regarded as the most inspiring female role model by Mango and Mazda because the prize for the first winner is truly fascinating, a unit of Mazda2 car! At last the search was over on September 24, 2011 at Laguna Atrium of Central Park Mall. But before I announce the winner, I think I need to share the criteria in choosing the winner so we can understand that the winner really deserves the stylish Mazda2.

To complete the definition as stylish, spirited and insightful role model for Woman On Top Award, she needs to:

1. Submit a story about herself that shows how she is inspiring to the community

2. Be able to be a good role model for the society

3. Have achievement that can be applied in everyday life by others

4. Be able to give a huge contribution to social community and make a difference not only in small scale, but also nationwide.

Mango received more than 2000 entries. After filtering process, Mango with Mazda selected 30 entries as the nominees. Femina Magazine is appointed as independent judge to select the winner of Woman On Top Award.Based on the criteria, we are pleased to announce the winner of Woman On Top Award and 5 finalists with the most inspiring stories:

1st Winner:  Tanjung Niasari

  • Founder of POKAT (Kelompok Anak Hebat), a community center for the street children in Makassar.
  • Composer of children songs such as “Bermain Gembira”, Kingdom Kid”, “Daddy Loves Me”
  • Founder of Homeschooling Kingdom Academy in Kendari, South East Sulawesi
  • Pionner in developing programs for children suffering from autism in Kendari.
  • Contributor of SAYA Magazine, Sulawesi

Tanjung Niasari


5 finalists:

1. Nilamsari: starting from a limited capital, she works her way to owning 3 culinary franchise businesses with more than 1,500 employees. One of her businesses is selected as “Top 30 Best ASEAN Franchise”, and she is also recognized as the “Indonesia Woman Future Leader” by SWA Magazine.

2. Dr. I.G.A. Diah Werdhi Srikandi: As a professor in Mahendradatta University in Bali, she is also actively involved in Mahendradatta Foundation. Nevertheless, her feminine side motivated her to start her own business, a fashion store in Canggu Bali.

3. Frisca Hutagalung: A coordinator in Sahabat Anak, a non-profit organization in Jakarta, where street children are being taught to learn English and art.

4. Felicia: At age 70, she is actively running a home industry that she built since years ago in Tanjung Pandan, Belitung. A taste of her handmade product is now the sought-after souvenir in the island.

5. Jacqueline Karina: She was one of the youngest to win the Top 10 Best Marketer award by SWA magazine in 2010. A cum laude graduate from Pelita Harapan University is now working at a chemical-manufacturing industry where she contributes to its double-digit growth of the business.

Congratulation for being inspiring women, dear winner and finalists! To celebrate the victory and light up the atmosphere at Woman On Top Award, Mango pleased the guests by presenting a fashion show. Let us enjoy!