Looking For a Perfect Undershirt? Try Muji!

Our ‘inner, and everything under your hijab’ thread suddenly got busy a while ago. As we know, for those who wear hijab, a basic long tshirt as undershirt is absolutely important. That’s why, searching for the right one is like a never ending journey. We surely can find plenty of merchant selling some basic items for ‘covering’. But finding the perfect one is very difficult, especially a comfortable one for a long sleeve undershirt (it’s also known as manset).

That is until a lucky someone found Muji, a Japanese retail company which sells a wide variety of household and consumer goods. The stores are located at Plaza Indonesia, Paris Van Java, Grand Indonesia and Mall of Indonesia. You can’t have enough of MUJI products, but their basic apparels really fulfill our basic needs. Our search for the perfect manset is finally over!

I found the above crew neck long sleeve t-shirt and turtleneck at Muji. For hijab wearer, long sleeves basic pieces are definitely must have. We use this turtleneck or long sleeve -tshirt as it is, or layer it with any outfit we want. It especially useful for clothes that have sleeves that are not long.

Why do I think these Muji basic items are perfect for those who wear hijab? They are made from natural cotton, and I really don’t know the difference between their fabric from any other brands, but they’re just so comfortable. Available in several (nice basic) colors and most importantly sizes! I love their fitting, it’s modest, not too fitted and not too slouchy. It’s light weight and soft, but have enough thickness so it’s not see-through. Since its thick enough, you can wear it alone but also it feels lightweight enough as an undershirt.

The price? Rp 110,000 for turtleneck and Rp 167,000 for long sleeve tshirt surely a worthy deal!!

Have you tried one?