A Week in Style: La Petite Fashionista

Are you a die-hard Blackberry user and have one of these application (Gempaloka, Quran, Teman Ibadah, Garuda di BBku, JJF, Rockinglan, Soulnation, IIMS, Onair) installed in your beloved Blackberry? Well then it’s time for you to meet the cheerleader behind the 7 Langit that bring those applications to your Blackberry screen who is none other than Titi Rusdi. She is actually one of the founders (Yayy for female founders!), serves as a CEO who handles marketing, PR, operational, finance as well as quality control of products. Basically anything outside of development. See, us women are so good we can own a digital company without having the technical skill :-)

Ohh, and you know what..*drum rolls is appreciated*  7 Langit is currently working on Female Daily Forum Blackberry application! We’re actually testing the beta version right about now. Isn’t it the answer of everyone’s prayer? To be able to get notification once your favorite sellers is updating their lapaks!

So anyway, since Female Daily Network and 7 Langit is working on a project together, we see Titi regularly and we noticed just how well she dresses. Well actually we’ve noticed this way before but just got a chance to do it now. Titi always looks polished, from head to toe, anytime of the day! Her style is something we all can relate and be inspired to because it’s so 9 to 5 chic. It’s also a prove that being petite doesn’t have to get in the way of trying on different looks. Let’s take a peek.


Day 1: Dorothy Perkins dress | Zara Blazer | Schultz nude peeptoes | Bottega Veneta bag | Tissot watch | Bracelet belt she got at a small boutique in Kemang Selatan Raya, above Grace salon.

She spent the whole day at the office and then attended KompasTV launching event at night, so she ditched the blazer and changed the bag to the classic Chanel to make the look more night appropriate.



Day 2: Batik Keris dress | Vero Cucio-Line shoes | Hermes Herbag | Kate Spade bracelet | Tag Heuer F1 Series.

On her agenda: Went to BPP HIPMI, office until 1 PM and out for a meeting, then another meeting. She was back at the office at 5 PM and stayed there until 9 PM.

Day 3: Polo Jeans shirt | Mastina skirt | Stocking she got from a little store in Far East, Singapore that she loves because it’s as thick as socks | See by Chloe shoes | Hermes Herbag

She spent the morning meeting HP3I (Himpunan Perempuan Pengusaha dan Profesi Indonesia) and then stayed in the office until 7.30 PM before heading off to another meeting at Bimasena, Hotel Dharmawangsa.



Day 4: GAP black pants | Zara camisole | (X)SML  blazer | Christian Louboutin black pumps | Cole Haan bag | the same Tag Heuer watch

She arrived at the office at 9 AM, meeting in Indovision from 12 – 4 PM then went back to the office until 10.30 PM

Day 5: Forever 21 flower top |  Promod knit cardigan | GAP brown pants | Rebeca Sanver wedges | Balenciaga Velo bag | Coccinelle watch

She didn’t go the office today as she had meeting off the office and closed the night with a meeting with Indra Lesmana at his studio in Bintaro.

Judging from her looks, it’s obvious (and as stated by her too) that her key fashion item is big bags cause she likes to carry her laptop in it. Another key item is size 34 heels (I told you she’s petite) and she never leaves home without wearing a watch. And the one item she’s is eyeing right now? Bottega Veneta Cabat bag!

Here’s a picture of her office room that he shares with her partner. It looks just as neat as her style :) Thank you Titi for sharing us your a week in style pictures and also for 7 Langit for developing our Blackberry application.