Tutorial: Creating Outer V

Today’s beauty tutorial is brought to you by Nadia, the pretty blogger behind www.nadiaprimaji.com. Currently taking her Master’s degree with her husband in Melbourne, Australia, Nadia is a cooking aficionado and a self-proclaimed makeup junkie.

Pssst, wanna know my beauty trick? Here is my secret to instantly perk up my look whenever I have meetups after office hour, but don’t have enough time to re-do my makeup: making Outer V.

What is Outer V? Outer V is a sideway ‘V’ shape on the outer corner of the eyes, to create depth to your eyes and giving them more definition. Not to mention making your eyes look more dramatic.

Basically, you create a ‘V’ shape on the outer corner of your eyes with your eyeshadow, from the lid up to your crease, then blend it out along the crease.

For me, the best way to create Outer V is by following these steps:

1. Imagine a line connecting the outer part of the eye, to the outer edge of your eyebrow. This is the first line of the ‘V’.

2. Using your darkest eyeshadow, draw a ‘\’ line (a.k.a. the first line of the ‘V’) up to the outer part of the crease. It’s like making a elongated cat-eyes line.

3. Draw a ‘/’ line (a.k.a. the second line of the ‘V’) from the outer part of your crease into 1/3 of the crease.

4. Blend out the ‘V’ shape.

5. Voila! You’re done.


There are a few brushes that you can use to create this mysterious ‘V’, depending on the size your eyes. These are what I usually use to create the outer ‘V’.

MAC 219
This is the best brush if you want to have a very defined Outer V, or if you have mono eyelid (oriental eyelid / no folds) and having difficulties in drawing your crease. The downside of this brush is it will make blending harder, because the result is really defined. It will take a long time to blend out the eyeshadow properly. Don’t forget, you’ll also need another brush to blend it out.

MAC 217
If you have a large eye with enough space of lid and crease to work with, this is the best tool. This may work best for Caucasian eyes, but for me, I’m having difficulties with this brush.

MAC 226
If you can get this brush on your hand—congratulations! This is the best brush for making Outer V. The stiffness and the tapered point enable us to create Outer V with definition. Plus, it blends perfectly.

MAC 214 and 239
Due to the density, they are both perfect to pick color and apply it on the Outer V. Yet, the result won’t be as defined as MAC 219. You’ll also need another brush to blend it out.

Products Nadia used on this tutorial:

Primer Nars Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base

Inner to middle lid: Halfbaked from Naked Palette
Middle to Outer lid: Darkhorse from Naked Palette
Outer Crease: Darkhorse blend it with Naked from Naked Palette
Brow bone: Virgin from Naked Palette

Outer V Creep from Naked Palette

Brow Shu Uemura Hard Formula 05

Mascara YSL Volume Effet Faux Cils Noir Radical

Brushes MAC 239, 217, 219 and 222