Juicy Multicolor Wedges From Juice String

When I use public transportation to go to the office or to go home, I need to keep my shoes with skinny heels at home and grab my flats or sneakers. I’m afraid the harsh road of Jakarta would scratch the tip of the heels. Not only that, I find it hard to stand in balance when wearing stiletto that one time I almost fell when the Transjakarta driver hit the brake. However, deep inside I really want to stand tall with high heels. I believe that I’m not alone. For us who have such problem, we must have understood that wedges are our solution.

That’s why I’m so happy to see the wedges collection from Juice String. Although most of Juice String Wedges are interesting, my eyes right away went to Nadine Multi color Wedges (Rp. 320,500). It has all that I could ask for from a pair of wedges, except comfort since I haven’t tried the shoes yet so I have no idea how comfortable they are. Multicolor to enable me to wear various colors of outfit, checked. Attention-grabbing quirky heels, checked. Affordable price so I wouldn’t feel sorry for my wallet, checked.

Now tell me, what do you think about them? Is it only me who fall in love with these wedges?