Yay Or Nay: Color-Blocking Man

Color-blocking has been quite a trend among women’s fashion. The trend becomes so influential that it emerges in men’s fashion too. As example, one of our local designers has applied color-blocking in his latest men’s collection. He is Ali Charisma who infused some colors that rarely found in men’s clothing such as turquoise, yellow and light blue in his latest collection titled “Tropical Fusion”, showcased during Pasaraya Grande’s “Wajah Mode In Ramadhan”. The named of the fashion show speaks for itself, as the words tropical fusion resembles a blend of delicate and bright colors. To neutralize those “unusual” colors in men’s clothing, Ali combined the colors with neutral shades like white, grey and camel.

So, does the combination of bright and neutral shades like Ali shows make you willing to convince the men around you to practice color-blocking? Do you think color-blocking in men’s fashion a yay or a nay?

Ari Seputra Tropical Fussion