Shop for a Cause

Women’s habit to shop is really something that you can’t avoid. But nowadays, I see more and more fashion and beauty brands coming up with products especially released for a good cause.

When you talked about product that is especially produced for a good caused, you can’t help but to think about MAC Viva Glam. With every cent from the selling price goes straight to the MAC AIDS Fund, definitely the purchase of your lipstick or lipgloss that cost $14.50 will make a difference to someone’s life.┬áThe MAC AIDS Fund is dedicated to serve people of all ages, all races and all sexes affected by HIV and AIDS and it has raised $224 million since it first started in 1994. With Nicki Minaj and Ricky Martin recently announced as the next face of MAC Viva Glam, we can be sure that the next lipstick and lipgloss shade will be something worth waiting for.

Thakoon also came up with his own version of good for a cause which is a Masai Plaid Scarf where every cent made from the purchase will go to support Africa’s current drought crisis. The scarf is limited edition, so you’ll get something that is only available for a short time but also help to feed people living in the countries that make up the Horn of Africa – Somalia, Kenya, Ethiopia and Djibouti – that are currently experiencing the worst famine known in history. The scarf that cost $250 will make both your neck and heart warm at night :)

Kate Winslet also came out with her own good cause. In collaboration with Lancome, Kate Winslet will release The Golden Hat collection to raise fund of her charity with the same name The Golden Hat Foundation. This foundation aims to help children with autism to improve the quality of their lives. What better reason to buy a really good collection of makeup than to help children with autism? The collection will only be launched on November, but there’s image available about the collection on the Internet already. We really can’t wait to shop this collection and join the good cause :)

Which good cause are you going to be part of?