How to Wear Kaftan?

a kaftan by Musa Widiatmodjo

Despite the bombarding reviews from international runways about the latest Spring/Summer, Fall/Winter trend, Indonesian fashion is much affected by the festivities. When Chinese New Year is approaching, Indonesian designers try to come up with their own interpretation of cheongsam.  The same thing happens in Ramadan. The festivity becomes identical with kaftan as one of Ramadan’s must-have items. If you’re still confused how to define a kaftan, you can read my past article about kaftan.

Why kaftan? It’s simply because many Indonesian women love to look elegant, and kaftan is the perfect attire to channel both elegant mood and Ramadan spirit. Therefore many local designers and retailers try to fulfill the demand and make sure that kaftan is in stock. So kaftan is almost anywhere this month. You can visit designers’ boutiques to see the latest style of kaftan they make. It is also found in department stores or even ITC for more affordable version. Some online shops follow the trend too by including kaftan in their selections.

Although I have written about several styled of wearing kaftan in that past article, there are some other tips that we need to know. Thanks to recently held fashion shows in Pasaraya Grande, “Wajah Mode in Ramadhan” and also mini presentation from Studio 133 by Biyan at the launch of Rumah Cantik Citra where I can admired a lot of beautiful kaftans by Indonesia’s prominent designers and stole the tips or some ideas that I never thought of before on wearing kaftan:

Tips on wearing Kaftan:

1. Check whether the fabric is see-through or not. If you’re still able to see the shadow of your legs, don’t forget to wear leggings underneath the kaftan. You can see the example below where the models who present Raden Sirait‘s collection wore black leggings:

2. Feel free to wear pashmina that has the same motif as your kaftan. But don’t forget that it will work as long as the fabric is light and your hair is pulled back so you won’t look too much. Take cues from the models in Ghea PanggabeanJumputan Geirinsing” kaftans.

3. Pair your kaftan top with traditional fabric. That’s the key to look both ethnic and modest as Ari Seputra did in his collection that matched kaftan tops and Balinese songket. Of course, youre choices are open to other Indonesian fabric like batik or ikat.

4. Cigarette pants and kaftan top can go well together. Don’t be afraid in experimenting on the fabric too. Have a look on how Biyan composed these looks for one of his labels, Studio 133. Those satin cigarette pants and chiffon kaftans created beautiful yet effortless result.