Do One Simple Act of Kindness by Joining #Realcare

Let’s show your real beauty, with real care!

It’s time to participate into one of the most important aspect in one of this nation’s primary needs; Education. Every child deserves a proper education as the main strength in order to build a greater generation. It might sounds cliché but it is what it is, and it is what we need to acknowledge and be part of, for the sake of a greater nation.

I’m delighted to know that Dove was initiating the #RealCare Movement that has been going on since July 22nd until August 22nd 2011.

What is #RealCare Movement? It’s a movement made by Dove to express our concern to our surroundings particularly education. As simple as pasting #RealCare Twibbon on your Twitter or Facebook avatar, you have made one simple act of kindness to help unfortunate Indonesian kids with their educations.

So, let’s make big changes through simple actions!

Here are things that you should do to join the #RealCare Movement:

  1. Be a Dove fans in Facebook I Dove it or follow Dove in Twitter @iDOVEit.
  2. Put Dove #RealCare Twibbon in your Twitter Avatar or Facebook profile picture for one month. This will translate into Rp 5,000 donation from Dove.
  3. Express your concern and that you care for the future of Indonesian kids and use #RealCare hashtag while you’re at it. For every #RealCare hashtag used, Dove will donate Rp 1,000.
  4. #RealCare Movement runs from July 22nd to August 22nd 2011.
  5. Your donation will be donated through Yayasan Cinta Anak Bangsa with Dove Sisters in Beauty with 20 lucky participant that will be selected by Dove at the end of #RealCare Movement period.

This donation will be put into good use to support HoPe programme conducted by Yayasan Cinta Anak Bangsa which aim to help the education of unfortunate Indonesian kids. If you want to know more about the HoPe programme you can see it here.

Changes can be made from simple action. What are you waiting for?

To get more information about #RealCare Movement you can read the detail here.