Flawless Makeup Tips From David Arbid for Our Tropical Weather

David Arbid whom I met during the launching of Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Natural is an International Makeup artist for Make Up For Ever based in Paris.  He said when she visited Indonesia a couple of years back, he felt really sad seeing how Indonesian women just wanted to pile up on makeup to cover their imperfection. Whereas the most important thing is that to have beautiful skin first before beginning with makeup. However, nowadays he sees that more improvement on the attention of skincare by Indonesian women as much as makeup.

Especially under the extreme heat that we experience every single day, our skin gets exposed to the sun all the time making us prone to the early signs of aging. On the other hand, our makeup also tends to smudge so easily and when our skin becomes very dry the makeup doesn’t look so flawless anymore. It looks like a mask sitting atop of your skin. So here are couple of tips from David Arbid in making you makeup stay flawless for all day long:

  1. Pick the right foundation for your skin type and use primer like All Mat before your foundation that absorb all the sebum so you get a matte result for your foundation.
  2. If you have very dry skin, use HD Elixir even before your primer to keep your face looking dewy and not sallow at all. HD Elixir is a serum that promises instant and long-lasting hydration to the skin and prep you for a high definition makeup.
  3. During the event Make Up For Ever launched 50 new shades of Rouge Artist Natural which I will give a more in depth review later on. But with this range, they also launched Lip Line Perfector that is not only perfect to make sure that your lipstick will not go out of “line” but also it’s a great product to fill in your fine line to create a flawless canvas. Just dab the pencil and lightly fill in the fine lines with Lip Line Perfector after using the primer so that you will get even canvas for your complexion.