Recognizing the Quality of Your Clothes

What factor do you usually consider in making the decision whether you want to buy certain clothes or not? Does it revolves around the style and price only, or quality also comes in mind? I don’t really go for real high quality of clothes, because that is one thing I certainly can’t afford for my day to day outfit. But I do still have several things in mind before I purchase anything. Especially now that it’s the sale season, we’re easily lured by the heavily marked down price.

Consider these things before you make your purchase:

  1. Don’t fall for the brand only. Certain design house might indicate high quality. But other than who, it’s also important to see the craftsmanship of the piece itself.
  2. Check the fit of the clothes. Especially when you’re making an investment purchase such as a classic black jacket or dress. Try it on and see how the piece feels and falls on your body. Make sure that it’s snug in all the right places without being too tight. If you can hardly move your body around, even if it’s in your size, that means it doesn’t have the right fit for you and you should just let it go.
  3. Pay attention to the detail such as the the seams, hems and stitching and make sure nothing has been broken. Usually a small problem in those three can lead to bigger ones. The seams should be straight, you shouldn’t see any pull. For hems, it’s good if the clothes leave a generous fabric allowance. Check the stitches whether they’re secure and evenly done. Also check closely at the hardware such as zippers whether they’re working properly and all buttons are intact.
  4. Understand the fabric that you’re buying. Fabrics that have luxurious feel such as wool, cashmere and silk are always the best choice. Of course they too come with steeper price. However, when it comes to fabric mixes it’s harder to tell. Let your instinct guide you. If it feels too rough, slinky and itchy on your skin, then you better leave it. For jacket and pants, avoid those that looks too shiny because they will not last too long.
  5. Check the lining of your clothes whether it’s sewn in straight so the clothes still fall perfectly well.

Any other tips that you can share with us?