5 Items for Your Chill Out Time

When we want to have some leisurely time, it doesn’t mean we need no preparation. Either going for holiday, or just relaxing in an afternoon, I suggest you to check these 5 items so you can spend your time more conveniently.

1. Wacoal Sexy Look underwear

First thing first, sexy and comfortable underwear is essential to make you feel good for the whole day. A set of bra (Rp 150,000 or Rp 175,000) and panty (Rp 60,000) from Wacoal newest collection, Wacoal Sexy Look is the recommended ones. The cutting and design promise to make you look sexy without being skanky. If you’re interested to give them a try, you can shop online from Wacoal website.

2. Superdry T-shirt

Nothing beats the comfort of wearing T-shirt. T-shirt from Superdry (Rp. 359,000) should be your choice when you seek good quality ones. Beside Superdry legendary Osaka T-shirt, Superdry now has new designed T-shirt and new store too. You can visit the new store in Senayan City mall or Superdry first store in Plaza Indonesia.

3. Edbe Jumpsuit

Taken from Eddy Betty ready-to-wear collection, this jumpsuit will be your best friend when you want to look both stylish and relaxed. With batik as its material, the fabric is uniquely transformed with a touch of Japanese style. It was showcased during the launching of Eddy Betty new boutique in Jl. Gunawarman 30 that offers various attires from his ready-to-wear collection, Edbe.

4. Vinzo Explore Tab

Why carry a heavy laptop when you can use your handy tablet PC? If you’re looking for an affordable tablet PC, then Vinzo Explore Tab is the answer. It retails about Rp. 3.1 million with various features that will keep you in a good mood such as connection to Android Market where you can get various android applications, Valu TV to watch from various TV stations and Wayang Force to buy online magazines from MRA group. This gadget uses Android operating system 2.2, flash, USB ports, 3G and WiFi.

5. Nivea Sun SPF 50

After all those items above have been checked, make sure you don’t leave your home without applying good sun lotion to your skin. If your skin is already protected, you can step into the sun comfortably without worrying about sunburn. For maximum protection, you can choose Nivea Sun SPF 50 (Rp. 105,000) like Mesty Ariotedjo, new Nivea ambassador, always does when she goes diving.