How To Choose the Perfect Sunglasses

One of the must have items for my holiday has to be a pair of sunglasses, as I’ve written here. But how do we actually choose the perfect sunglasses so that not only the model looks great but it also looks fabulous on you? Here are some tips on how to choose the right sunglasses for you.

Choose a shape that enhances your facial feature

Different shapes of sunglasses complement different shape of face.  If you have square face, choose frame that have more rounded corner and vice versa for more rounded face choose frame that have angular shape such as square frame or a slightly slanted corner. Whereas the lucky oval face can get away with most shapes.

If you have tiny face feature, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you will need small frame as well. This also applies for a more rounded and larger face feature, don’t go right away for the large frame. Make sure that the frame has the right proportion with your face, just enough that the frames don’t go too big or small than the width of your face.

Find the right fit

Sometimes we tend to weigh in the model and shape factor too much that we forget the fit of the sunglasses. Make sure that it fights right onto your nose bridge because you don’t want something that sits right above or presses your nose bridge. Because after all, you want something that doesn’t only look good on you but also feel comfortable when you wear it. If it presses your nose bridge too hard than it will most likely cause a headache. Whereas if it doesn’t sit well on your nose bridge, it will be pressing your cheeks, especially if you have a chubby cheeks like mine :)

Also don’t forget to choose one that fits just below your eyebrow, because you don’t want your eyebrow hidden behind those lenses right?

Starts with the colour you love

Especially colours that you love to use in terms of makeup and clothes and compliment you well. Those are the colours that most likely will complement the tone of your skin as well. Start with those colours and try different shades to find one that you like the most. Don’t go for shades that will be too close to your skin tone because it will make your complexion to look dull.

So did you buy any new sunnies lately? How do you like them?