The Most Perfectly Cut Princess Diamond

What would you do if you come face to face with Rp 5,000,000,000 necklace adorned with 72 princess cut diamonds? Me? I didn’t even dare to try it on, but I’m however still mesmerized by the beauty of the necklace that shines so beautifully.

It was at the launching of Mondial FireMark that I saw the necklace. FireMark is a branded diamond that comes from Mondial Jeweler and it’s the World’s First GIA-Certified Double Excellent Modified Princess Cut Diamonds. It is the first and only modified princess cut diamond that could rival the brilliance and performance of round cut diamond.

Typically a princess cut diamond will only give you 80% light return. Where more light return in terms of diamond is actually what we’re looking for because it gives that shine that you usually see in a diamond. With a round brilliant cut you will get up to 93% to 100% light return. But with the newly modified princess cut diamond from Mondial, the Mondial FireMark gives you 95% light return which is comparable with round brilliant cut diamond. So you could say, that this is one of the most perfectly cut princess diamond in the world.

Usually, you will see a lot of princess cut diamond rings used for engagement ring. So those of you on the hunt for a new ring or even looking for an engagement ring, you should definitely check this beautiful range first.

I wouldn’t go into too much technical detail, because apparently buying diamond has its own methodology. But you can rest assured that with this GIA-Certified diamond from Mondial, your investment is save.

As for the beautiful Mondial FireMark necklace above, it’s going to be put on silent auction by Mondial Jeweler where they would invite their customers to bid on the necklace. You can even inquire about it on their store if you want to put a bid on it. Because apparently, finding a 72 pieces of Mondial FireMark diamond is really hard so it’s one of a kind necklace.