Goodies Under IDR100K: Sevon Wipes Facial Cleansing

What: Sevon Wipes Facial Cleansing is an alcohol-free cleansing wipes that really help to cleanse your makeup with ease. It promises to cleanse all makeup including mascara! It has aloe vera that will soothe your skin and it feels super soft and doesn’t cause irritation.

What for? You can use it to cleanse makeup and it’s suitable to be used on face, eyes and neck.


  1. Take one cleansing cloth out of the sealed package.
  2. To cleanse your mascara and eyes makeup press the tissue lightly into your eye area for around 15 seconds and do it several times until every trace of makeup on your eyes are lifted up.
  3. Use the other side of the tissue to cleanse the rest of the face. Wipe it lightly because you don’t want to scratch your skin.

Why we love it?

Because it’s really cheap and it’s an easy way to cleanse your makeup on the go. It’s perfect to be used during the day when you want to change the colour of your lipstick. Use this tissue to wipe your lipstick from the lip area. It doesn’t dry out your lips at all so you can just reapply your lipstick right away. It’s also perfect to dab away those eyeliners that melt halfway through the day before you touch up your makeup.

The most important thing, it’s able to cleanse my makeup! Although to cleanse your whole makeup I will reach for two sheets instead of one, because the sheets is not too wet so after a while it feels dry on my face. I wouldn’t mind if they change the clothes to a softer kind, because after couple of seconds the clothes feel a bit scratchy on my face.

This is a before and after photo of the Sevon Cleansing Wipes when I tried to cleanse the Make Up For Ever Aqua Liner swatches from my hand. It cleanse the eyeliners thoroughly, although the coloured ones left a little bit of stain.

And this is the photo of the used cloth, in case anyone is curious :)

How much: Under Rp 3,000 for 20 sheets. Can’t get any cheaper than that!