Nicholas Saputra’s Skincare Regime

Yes he uses skincare and your men should too! Keep reading to find out why.

When I was going to meet my boyfriend on last Saturday night, he texted me and asked whether I would notice something different about his look. Afterwards, I saw him from afar but I didn’t notice any difference. He looked just like he always does. But when I watched him closely from head to toe, I noticed that his facial skin looked different. His face used to be shiny, but that moment his face looked matte and brighter. Then I remember a day before I had given him a set of L’oreal Men Expert men skincare consists of White Activ Oil Control Foam and White Activ Oil Control Moisturizing Gel Cream.

I got the package from L’oreal and I thought my boyfriend was the right person to use it because of his oily skin. As a photojournalist, sometimes he is asked to take picture outdoor like when people were demonstrating in Hotel Indonesia traffic circle, and many times he captures nation’s officials delegating in an air-conditioned room. So he is often exposed to various extreme conditions such sun, air conditioner and pollution too. Fortunately, he wanted to give a try to L’oreal Men Expert that seemed to suit him well.

L’oreal Men Expert White Activ Oil Control is formulated to tackle men’s problematic oily skin. According to a fact, men’s skin texture is 25% thicker, more sensitive because of shaving, sweats more, has more collagen and produces more oil compared to women’s skin. The skin also needs weapon to face harmful external factors such as pollution, extreme weather, tiredness, stress and unbalanced eating habit that cause the skin to become dull and oily. Moreover, we live in tropical country that is humid and affect oil production in the skin.

Mattifying Fiber and Zinc-G are the two advanced technologies contained in L’oreal Men Expert White Activ Oil Control that was created to decrease oil level in the skin. So, oil production is reduced and the facial skin will be less shiny without any sebum. “Too much sebum is what makes skin looks dull and oily,” said Monika Ardianti, Marketing Manager of PT L’oreal Paris Indonesia. While Vitamin C and Salicylic Acid in the product are useful to brighten skin complexion and avoid it to look dull.

In spite of being oily, men’s skin needs moisturizer too. White Activ Oil Control Moisturizing Gel Cream gives cooling sensation whenever it is applied and the texture isn’t sticky or oily. Your men can just apply it after washing the face with White Active Oil Control Facial Foam. It only takes about 10 seconds to apply the moisturizer all over the face; quite easy and quick for men so he won’t have any reason to skip it! :)

As Nicholas Saputra, brand ambassador of L’oreal Men Expert said, “wearing White Activ Oil Control Moisturizing Gel Cream doesn’t interrupt my traveling hobby because it only takes about 10 second for the application. I love traveling. This activity surely involves direct sun exposure, weather transition, dirt accumulation and high humidity. White Activ Oil Control tackles this problem and I can have clean and bright face without being oily”.

It turns out that Nicholas Saputra had worn White Activ Oil Control before my boyfriend did. Now, are you going to convince men around you to use White Activ Oil Control Foam and White Activ Oil Control Moisturizing Gel Cream too? It’s not going to magically transform him into looking like this heartthrob with the most penetrating eyes that’ll make you go weak in the knee, but at least his skin will be smoother and brighter. Who wouldn’t like that, right? :)