Hottest Shoe Trend This Season: Lace Up!

Do you plan to buy new footwear? How about referring to the latest accessories trend that some designers feature in their 2011 resort collection? As I narrowed down some latest style of the footwear, I found the most popular style is lace up shoes. Almost any kind of footwear has its lace-up version this season; from stilettos, wedges, boots to sandals. Just pick the most suitable style for your look!

1. Booties

Among the various styles of lace up footwear I found, boots are everywhere. You may get them made of leather or canvas, decorated with tulle or fur, and they come in many colors too. A pair of lace up boots are enough to make statement for your whole outfit. So you don’t need to dress too much. Keep it simple and let your lace up boots do the talking.

2. Wedges

You can wear lace up wedges when comfort is on top of your priority, but you still want the towering height. They’re also perfect for those who want to give their look a more masculine edge. Since the designs for lace up wedges are mostly quirky, I guess it takes more guts to wear them.

3. Lace up stilettos

It is probably the safest yet prettiest way to pull on the trend; lace up stilettos rarely go wrong. Most of them have the lace around the ankle like the two pictures above. Pair them with medium-length skirt for an ultra-feminine look.

4. Lace up sandals

Nothing beats the stylish and effortless look created by pairing lace up sandals with colorful summer dress. But now lace up sandals have new friends. Thanks to Prabal Gurung in the collection he created in collaboration with J Crew, who shows us that lace up sandals also look good with semi-formal dress, or two-piece attire like the pictures above.

Are you into this lace up trend? Is yes, which style of lace up shoes would you chose?


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