Want to See Rachel Zoe at Work?

Who’s lucky enough to have Sony Entertainment Television (SET) channel? Why did I say lucky? Because starting today, Rachel Zoe Project will air again on SET every Thursday at 8 PM. That’s tonight! As one of world-renowned fashion stylists with famous celebrities on her client list, it would be very interesting to see this documentary drama that will let us see the day to day activity of Rachel Zoe as a ¬†fashion stylist.

Nicole Ritchie was probably one of her most memorable clients for us all, she gave her a transformation that we never thought possible. From the girl that was seen to be careless about her style and known as Paris Hilton’s BFF to the charming Fashionista that she become today. Other celebrities who are also on her client list are big names such as Demi Moore, Anne Hataway, Cameron Diaz, Kate Hudson and Jennifer Garner to name a few.

In this show you will see Rachel Zoe and her team; her husband Rodger Berman who holds managing role of her company and her fashion team Brad Goreski and Ashley Avignone, tackling their day to day problem. From creating the best style for her A-List clients, to her effort in expanding the business of Rachel Zoe Inc.

You will see how each client is handled by her and how she helps the client creating the perfect look for a big event or photo shoot. From building the strategy, shop all the necessary items, putting the pieces together to create a look and perfecting it with accessories. What interesting is that you’ll also see her quest in finding hidden gems such as unique accessories and clothing that we sometimes think would be impossible to wear.

I wouldn’t want to spill the best part, so you better tune in to SET tomorrow at 8PM! If you want to find out more information about Rachel Zoe Project you can also visit her website.