From Bright to Copper for Summer and Spring 2011 Look

Makeup look trend is one of the things I’m most excited about. For this Spring and Summer all path seems to go to the bold direction. Even though a lot of bold colours are used but the key point in every look is control, how to control the look to make a statement without overdoing it.

Let’s see each trend closer.

Pop Classic

The key to this look is to take a pick on bold colours, go neon if you need to. Pick a feature on your face that you want to accentuate and draw the focus there with the rest of the face more subdued. This look takes inspiration from this season’s colour blocking trend and translate it into a makeup look.

The colour applied all look very intense. Choose highly pigmented eyeshadow that you will need to build up its intensity if you want to draw focus on the eyes. Finish off the eyes with eyeliner that is within the same hue but opt for a very natural looking mascara to make it usable for daily use. Usually matte textured eyeshadow will have a better colour pay off. For lips go for orange red, lavender and fuchsia that can be paired up with perfectly lined bold eyeliner.

My favourite pick for this look would be MAC Lady Danger Lipstick (red orange) and MAC Chrome Yellow Eyeshadow.

Ice Dream

This look is all about forward thinking feminine look. With using pastel colours but applied with a technique as if you want to create a tougher look. Pastel this season will not be one of those boring looks, but rather a feminine beauty with an edge. It draws the attention toward the pastel coloured makeup that you’re using. Be it in glossy or matte finish.

To achieve this look is similar to the previous look, the key is to find one part in your face that you want to accentuate and work on it to build up your look and leave the rest to neutral. This would be the perfect time to invest in MAC Strobe Cream to give that dewy and glowy finish to your whole makeup and MAC Pigment in Vanilla to give the glossy finish to your eyes. If you’re focusing on your cheek don’t forget to apply a Mineralized Skin Finish to highlight you cheekbones.

Raw Fined

This look will speak on its own. A healthy and glowing looking skin that needs no other colour to define the look. The skin is so luminous that that it draws your eyes directly to the high plane of the faces that gets highlighted by the lighting. The focus was drawn to the highlighting of the cheekbone that is done subtly through building it layer by layer.

To achieve this look, try the MAC Face and Body Foundation that has a very sheer coverage that you can build up to medium coverage and has a glowy finish. Set off with Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder. Sam Bryant said that a mix of Moisturelush Cream, Fix+ and Care Blends Essential Oil is applied into the skin by using 187 brush to create the glowing looking finish.

As for the cheek, reach for your sculpting powder to create a soft dimension on that area and finish off with your Mineralized Skin Finish Natural.


Sunkissed look has gone way too much lately don’t you think? With bronzer overly used, it’s time to tone it down with a bronze shade that is somewhat closer to your skintone. With monochromatic take that gently highlights your face in the right places as if you were born with that bronze glow.

MAC Senior Makeup Artist Gordon Espinet gave out his trick in achieving this look by using the Mineralize Bronzer with three different brushes. Use 116 brush to contour your cheeks lightly, 224 brush to shade your eye area and 219 brush to line the eyes with a soft eyeshadow that is placed near the lash line. Finish off with a soft toffee or caramel shade lip balm.

Our favourite to create this look other than the Mineralize Satin Finish Natural and of course the sculpting kit is MAC Pigment in Tan to create that satiny finish copper look on the eyes.