IDR 10 Million Shopping Budget From Sunsilk!

What are you going to buy when you’re given Rp 10 million to spend in Grand Indonesia Shopping Town for 2 hours? That must be every woman’s dream, especially when you only need to buy Sunsilk product to get the chance! I couldn’t help feeling envious for the 10 lucky winners of Sunsilk Belanja Sepuasnya contest.

You know how easy it is to join the challenge? Just buy any product of Sunsilk, keep the purchase receipt, send the product code through SMS and voila! You’ll be contacted by Sunsilk if you’re lucky enough to win. Sunsilk also pays for all winners’ accommodation and transportation. The winners only need to enjoy all the activities Sunsilk has arranged and all those star treatments.

That special day in Grand Indonesia started with lunch. After having their lunch, the winners watched presentation about fashion such as fashion trend and body types from Dicky Maryoga Hutadjulu, a reputable fashion stylist. They could also consult their shopping list to Dicky. Enough meal to charge the energy, checked; brief explanation and advice about fashion, checked; after that the winners were more than ready to start their hunting!

They spread to various stores and area of the mall. Each winner was assisted by a shopping assistant to carry the shopping bags and to count how much money left. What an unforgettable shopping moment for them. “I’m happy that I can shop without thinking too much about the price,” said a winner.  After that energy-consuming session, the winners got refreshed by having haircut, hair treatment and hair styling. Of course they looked prettier than before with their new hair.

The team didn’t even realize that the night fell already and it was time for dinner. So, they put on their new clothes, carried their new clutches and wore their new shoes to the restaurant. Interestingly, Sunsilk brand ambassador Julie Estelle also joined the dinner. Most of the winners were excited that they could meet her in person.  Congratulation for the lovely day!

For you who are interested to join the contest, you still have the chance. The next Sunsilk Belanja Sepuasnya shopping trip will be held June 18-19, 2011. Hurry up! You’d better buy Sunsilk product and take part. Click this link to read more info about the contest.