Design Your Own T-shirt in Just a Few Clicks!

Designing your own T-Shirt by bringing a desired image or logo to a silk screening workshop may be a common thing that people do. But have you ever uploaded your design to a website then get the actual T-shirt sent to your home?  In this technology-driven era, such thing is of course possible and it will definitely make our life easier; just like our experience in creating team T-shirts for Mommies Daily.

Mommies Daily held an event Jelajah Kota Tua that obviously kept the team really busy before the big day. Because the event was going to be held in the old part of Jakarta during the weekend, where it could get very crowded, we decided to wear a uniform which would make it easy for the participants to recognize us from the crowd. Thanks to Gravira we were able to make it happen without any fuss. Not only they were fast and efficient in taking down our orders, the t-shirts were ready in just one day! The material of Gravira t-shirts are super light and comfortable, especially useful when the team walked around Kota Tua under the scorching heat of the sun.

For your information, Gravira is website that offers express T-shirt printing service with good quality. You can place an order online through the website, and it only takes two days at the maximum to print the T-shirt. That speedy service is possible with the technology that Gravira has, where the image or the design will be printed directly with a printer-like machine. The image created by this machine is as good as the result of the conventional silk-screening technique. Without waiting any longer, the T-shirt will be sent to your address. Gravira states no minimum order so you can create either a T-shirt for yourself or numerous ones for your team or company.

Have no idea for the T-shirt design but want to create something personalized? Gravira has anticipated such condition by providing more than 100 clip arts like flower, animal, heart and so on. All designs that the customers have created will be kept on customer’s account so the design can be reproduced anytime.

So what do you think will be a cool thing to print on a t-shirt?