Spring in Our Walk!

Don’t you just love going shoe-shopping with a girl friend? Only girls know how fun it is to try on endless pairs of shoes in one single store. And only girls have the patience to help another girl choose the right pair, because we know that even a slight difference in color or model, make a big difference. Your boyfriend would probably roll his eyes and tell you to hurry up when you ask him whether you should get the white or black of otherwise identical pairs of shoes, but us girls would never do that!

Anyway, I’m lucky that my business partner is someone who is a great shopping partner too :D Hanzky and I had a lot of fun at Guess store in Plaza Senayan the other day, checking out their Spring collections and of course, trying on shoes! The store was in full bloom that day, we found so many pieces that instantly made us think of Spring: floral pattern for shoes and bags, cute clogs, strappy wedges in light hues and denim.

And look how cute and comfy these Kenlia slip-ons are! They look like the perfect shoes to wear on weekends, when you spend it mostly chasing your kids around the playground :D If you’ve been drooling over Tom’s shoes that look similar to these, now you can get these Kenlia shoes instead because they’re available right here.

The Spring mood could also be felt in the clothes, we saw a lot of items in light denim (perfect for this weather!), Boho-inspired ruffled maxi dress, and romantic top with lace detail which can take you from the office to a cocktail party in a breeze.

But we were already smitten with the shoes! Hanzky right away set her mind on a pair of sand-colored clogs (also available in denim) and I was torn between..well, a lot of things to be honest :D I tried on a pair of beautiful sparkly slingbacks called Hondos, but they were too snug. After circling the shoe section a few times, I decided to narrow down my choice between a pair of white peep-toe with Guess signature bow on the front part and these brown studded slingbacks. I couldn’t make up my mind so I asked people on Twitter which I one I should get. We had a lot of responses which in the end, confused me even more because each pair got an even number of votes :D


But in the end, I chose the white ones because, not only that I don’t have any white shoes in my collection, but they simply look gorgeous on my feet! They’re also available in pale pink. If you’re in the mood for pastel, you should definitely check it out.

So that was our little shoe-shopping adventure and this is Hanzky and I posing gleefully with our brand new Guess shoes!