Leopard Print Jacket: Yay or Nay?

I’m never much of a fan of animal print. If ever I bought anything with animal print, it’s got to be something small such as accessories, bags or shoes. But never an outfit.

I saw this blazer at Zara, it instantly caught my eyes because it looked like something that is actually wearable. I love the fact that this blazer emanates a powerful aura and it’s so light because it’s made from silk.

What I did after I saw this blazer is browsed through several celebrity look in search for inspiration.

Here are few conclusions that I got after seeing many disaster done with animal prints:

  1. The most important thing is to never outdo animal prints. Keep it at one item and avoid combining animal print against each other.
  2. Since animal print is already a loud print on its own, don’t mix it with other print. At all cost!
  3. Combine it with solid colors that are leaning toward the neutral tone or black.
  4. Keep the combination from the same colour spectrum.
  5. Gold would be the perfect accessories for leopard print but keep it simple. For instance, a leather belt with simple gold buckle, a bangle or just a simple necklace to keep it classy instead of tacky.

So what do you think, is it a yay or nay?