A Gentler Reformulated Clinique Clarifying Lotion at Last

Cleanse. Exfoliate. Moisturize. For as long as I remember, those three steps get stuck in my head creating the perfect step in skincare regimen. Clinique 3-step was one skincare regimen that I first used. At that time, the simplicity of the step and the result satisfied me quite enough. For over ten years, I kept using Clinique 3-step until my skin grew a tolerance to it and it no longer worked for me in an environment that is somewhat difference from my teenage one.

That was the time when I started working in an office and external factors such as stress really got into the health of my skin, as well as external aggressor such as pollution and the sun of Jakarta that is too overwhelming. I felt my skin was getting old too fast and I needed something more. I thought it was such a shame that such a great skincare regimen haven’t been reformulated since it was first created. For example, Clinique Clarifying Lotion remains the same since the 70s and it’s hard to imagine this product being able to tackle problems related to our skin’s health that were not present at the time that it was created. As the days went by, this Clarifying Lotion felt too harsh for my skin and it really made my already dry and stressed skin even drier because of its alcohol content that was not balanced with other ingredients to moisturize my skin.

So when Affi told me that they reformulated the Clarifying Lotion, I was so happy and offered her to review it myself. I’ve always had faith in the Clinique 3-Step but I just wish that they just add something to it. And with this new Clarifying Lotion, not only that it comes in a much milder formula that allows you to exfoliate twice a day without injuring your healthy skin condition, but also it comes with Sodium Hayluronate, Glycerin and Trehalose to help buffer the skin during the exfoliating process. I am especially ecstatic reading the first two added ingredients because the main problem that I felt with the old formula of Clarifying Lotion is that it felt too dry. Those ingredients help to keep my skin hydrated during the daily exfoliating process so my skin doesn’t feel so dry and tight when I used the Clarifying Lotion.

What are the main differences that I feel with this new formula? First and foremost you can kiss goodbye to the alcohol smell of the old Clarifying Lotion has. It also feels very fresh and makes your skin so supple without any tightening feel on the surface. There was no feasible flaky skin because of the non-drying formula. I got to say, I fell in love all over again with the Clinique Clarifying Lotion!

Like the old version of Clarifying Lotion, this one comes in for types:

  • Type 1: Very dry to dry
  • Type 2: Dry combination
  • Type 3: Combination Oily
  • Type 4: Oily

So there’s one available for each type of skin.

The new Clarifying Lotion will be available in Clinique’s counter nationwide beginning in May onward and it cost Rp 260,000 for 200ml and Rp 370,000 for 400ml.